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Jan 28, 2013 6:00am EST
? when mayor adrian fenty was elected, i remember that you, michelle rhee, and mayor fenty were all under 40. >> i am 45. i remember the headlines. the press. i remember there was an article in "the washington post." a 36-year-old mayor and a 39- year-old police chief. the bottom line was, do not blow it. a lot of pressure. job? >> i had been on 17 years at the time. i was the district commander in charge of the fourth district. i was one of the youngest district commanders in the city. adrian took over and he was just like he was at the mayor -- as the mayor. he was big on accountability. we had a lot of the same personality traits in terms of really focusing on accountability and responsiveness. we worked very well together. i did not see him after i left the fourth district and went to special operations. not for a couple years. when he was running for mayor, he visited a couple times. i think it was the sheer fact that adrian knew how i police. he knew how i managed. he knew my priorities were similar to his. i said, you will take a huge hit if you appoint me. i am 39-years old. i wou
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm EST
distracting, especially for the police department when you are a police officer and there are elected officials. it is embarrassing. this is the guy that signs your paycheck. i try to keep the police department focus. we do not have time. we have got to stay focused. the police department is a shining star in this city. we have integrity and an incredible reputation for customer service and responsiveness. we do a great job of fighting crime. stay focused on what you have to do. we tried not to get sucked into it the best we can. >> is there a police department around the country you admire for doing innovative things you have taken some ideas from? >> i constantly look. i have searched for things for me that other agencies are doing. there are a lot of innovative leaders out there are around the country. there are a couple of things. when i first started the homeland security terrorism business here back in 2002, i looked a lot at what note -- new york is doing. you have to remember there are some things that are very effective in one jurisdiction and you cannot pull it off in others
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2